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Voting: Why It Matters This Year - 2022?

Voting is important in every election. Voting is a right and a privilege and a responsibility. Our ancestors struck out from a foreign land to come to America where we have the freedom to elect our leaders and live in a democratic society. We tend to take our freedoms for granted, and we should not do so!

While you are not required by law to vote, voting is an especially important part of our democracy. By voting, you participate in the democratic process that our ancestors endured much to provide, ensuring we can live in a country free from dictatorship. To keep this dream alive, it is your responsibility to vote for leaders to represent you and your ideas. It is the responsibility of elected leaders to support the citizens’ interests.

People will often say, “my vote does not matter.” I assure you that your vote most certainly does matter. Many of you may remember former Mayor Jesse Puckett, who had a profound influence on this community. He won his initial election by only two or three votes. There continue to be City Council representatives elected by a margin of less than ten votes. My own race last time was won by 16 votes. I say all these things to assure you that, YES, YOUR VOTE DOES MATTER.

On the ballot in the General Election this year, we will be electing Magistrates for Districts No. 1 and No. 3, all members of the City Council, which is a non-partisan race, and District Court Judges for both Districts 1 and 2, also non-partisan races. When I traveled throughout the District prior to the election four years ago, some of you told me you vote a particular party ticket with no variations. I encouraged you then, and I encourage you again to vote for the individual. Some races are non-partisan, including the city council and district judges. Voting straight party ticket will not allow you to have a voice in these important races.

I am running for re-election as Magistrate for District No. 1 because I want to represent ALL the people of the district. I pledge to continue to always be there for you when you call, text, email or Facebook. I will listen to you, and I will vote toward the betterment of our community. I am asking once again for your support and your vote on Tuesday, November 8 as Magistrate for District No. 1 in Shelby County.


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