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Making Time for What Is Important

“Ross, how will you have time to serve as Magistrate?” Several of you have asked that question. I always like to say, “if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.” When we think of some of the people we know who have accomplished the most, they are also the busiest people we know.

As I gave consideration to running for this office, I thought about my current obligations and commitments. I am truly blessed. Within my service company, I have built a trustworthy and well-trained staff. I can count on work to continue without my having to stand over them every second of the day. I can depend upon them to tell me what I need to know and to involve me when it is necessary. Likewise, in the funeral home, I am blessed to have some licensed funeral director friends and former staff who are always willing to step in when needed. My business experience has allowed me to build two very strong companies. I will bring that same experience and knowledge to Shelby County Fiscal Court as your representative.

How will I have time to serve? I will make the time. When you call, your concerns will become my concerns. I pledge to listen to your needs. I feel very strongly the call to be your representative on Shelby County Fiscal Court. I am asking for your support and your vote on November 6 as Magistrate for District 1 in Shelby County.