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Why Am I Running for Magistrate?

People have asked me why I chose to run for magistrate. My desire for public service dates to young adulthood, when I was elected to the City Council. Here I am in 1982 taking the oath of office beside the late Lee Nor Mack and Don E. Cubert. Having had the opportunity to serve with these knowledgeable and strong community leaders, I learned much and greatly enjoyed serving my hometown on the City Council.

As my professional career took off, I was very busy building first the service company business and later the funeral home. However, in my mind, I always knew I would return to public service.

I ran for magistrate in the year Hubert “Hubie” Pollett, Democrat, was first elected to the seat. When he won the primary, I supported him in the general election and continued to support him in subsequent years as he ran for re-election.

When Hubie announced his retirement and intent not to run for re-election in 2018, I knew the time was right. I talked with several community leaders that I greatly respect prior to making my final decision, and they encouraged me to pursue my dream.

Why am I running for magistrate? For you, the citizens of Shelbyville and Shelby County. I am running because I believe my background and experiences will make me a strong representative for our District on the Fiscal Court. I am running because I care about this community where I have lived my entire life. I am running because I care and want to make informed decisions for the betterment of our community.

I would appreciate your consideration, your support and your vote on Tuesday, November 6.