Voting: why it matters most this year

November 6 presents an opportunity we have not seen in a long time. There are many races on this ballot that are going to affect your everyday life for several years to come. The decisions you make are important, and it is most important that you vote.

We will be selecting at least three new magistrates, a new mayor for the first time in many years, a new city council, a new circuit court clerk, a new sheriff and we could possibly have a new state senator, state representative, district court judge, jailer and U.S. Congressman. As I have traveled through our district, some of you have told me that you vote a particular party ticket with no variations. I would encourage you to vote for the individual. Our mayor’s race is non-partisan, as is the city council and district judge seat. Straight party ticket voting will not allow you to have a voice in these important races.

I would encourage you to look at each candidate on the ballot on November 6. Who are they? And what do they stand for? And will they be there for you when you need them? Are they a person you would feel comfortable calling personally when you have a problem?

I am running for Magistrate of District 1 because I want to represent ALL the people of the district. I pledge to always be there for you, and I will also vote toward the betterment of our community. I am asking for your support and your vote on November 6 as Magistrate for District 1 in Shelby County.

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