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My Years of Public Service

Many things have been accomplished in my first term on Fiscal Court.

I have had the opportunity to serve on several committees, including the MS4 Committee (responsible for protecting our rivers, lakes and streams from stormwater contamination), Jail Committee (responsible for coordination of county services with the jailer), EMS Committee (responsible for coordination of county services with EMS) and served as chair of the Nuisance Committee (helped to develop the Nuisance Ordinance currently in place).

These committee assignments have led to other roles, including membership on Shelby Main Street, Fountain Committee and the Shelby County Community Foundation.  These opportunities have allowed me to be actively involved with downtown activities.

Significant accomplishments during my first term include:

  1. We developed the Nuisance Ordinance through the help of County Attorney Hart Megibben.

  2. We outsourced food services at the Jail.  This allowed us to reduce payroll costs as well as food service costs, maximizing the use of county funds.

  3. We reworked the control panel that operates the doors at the Jail, updating the system and providing greater security.

  4. We corrected and completed previously undone MS4 work at Persimmon Ridge Subdivision, where we were on the brink of being fined for failing to implement mandated procedures.  We hired a project manager for stormwater management to ensure complete compliance in the future.

  5. We paid off a sizeable debt at Parks and Recreation and the Jail, saving the county significant dollars.

  6. We have implemented work for the restoration of our beautiful and historic courthouse.

  7. We have worked hard to have a good relationship with the city council, the mayor and all other city officials.  We have been able to accomplish many things through a cooperative approach to government.

  8. We have worked to keep Roll Forming Corporation in Shelby County, to expand their footprint on the county and also to bring several new industries to the county in the past few years.

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