F.A.Q.s Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Magistrate?

The terms justice of the peace and magistrate are synonymous. The office of justice of the peace or magistrate, unlike that of county commissioner, is a constitutionally required office that must be filled regardless of the form of the fiscal court.

What Are the Duties of the Magistrate?

The Kentucky Constitution of 1891 gave the name "Fiscal Court" to the body in each county that would act as that county's government. In Shelby County, the Fiscal Court is composed of a County Judge/Executive and seven County Magistrates. Each Magistrate serves as the representative for the citizens living in their district on Fiscal Court.

How Does My Magistrate Serve Me?

Your Magistrate is similar to a City Council representative, except that your magistrate is your representative before county government. Your Magistrate is your voice on the Shelby County Fiscal Court.